Virtual Classes

The Nofar Method... from home!

Virtual classes allow you to enjoy the benefits of the Nofar Method in the comfort of your own home. You can sign-up the same way you do for studio classes—via Mindbody online or through the app. Classes will be streamed on Zoom and can be accessed from any smart device—a phone, tablet, or computer, although we recommend a computer if available. We will email the access link out at least 15 minutes prior to the class start time and instructors will be available for 10 minutes prior to help you get settled. 

How to prepare for virtual classes


Download Zoom and set-up an account. If you can use a tablet or laptop you will be able to see the instructor more easily, but phones work as well.

Room Setup

Set yourself up in the most spacious spot you can manage. Wireless headphones—if you have access to wireless headphones—are the easiest way to make sure you can see, hear, and talk to your instructor even if your face is on the mat. Position your camera from the side. The goal is that we talk you through the movements and corrections without you having to crook your neck to look at the screen every few seconds.


Some handy items to have:

• Mat
• Ball (substitute small pillow)
• Bands
• Magic Circle
• 2–to–3 lb weights (substitute water bottles)
• Straight Back Chair

Nofar Method Signature Virtual Pilates Class

50 minutes

This is an interactive format class. You will receive real-time instruction, cues, and encouragement! Link will be emailed 15 minutes before class start time.

Virtual BFF Class

Host your own private class with friends and family. Invite people and schedule your own private virtual class with your favorite instructor. 

Starts at $200 for the first 6 participants
$16 per participant for 7th participant onward

Virtual 1 on 1

Sessions to be hosted on Skype or Zoom.