Wear comfortable clothes you can easily move in, much like you’d wear to the gym or a yoga class. For both safety and sanitary reasons we require that you wear grip socks. Please email us at info@nofarmethod.com if you have any questions!

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of class it is considered a “Late Cancel” and you will lose the class credit. If you cancel before that 24-hour period that credit will be returned to your account for future use. If you know you will be unable to attend class our waitlisted students and us would be so grateful if you would Late Cancel your reservation.

We love newcomers at Nofar Method! We recommend you have taken at least 10 Pilates machine classes prior to your first Nofar Method class.

We do not recommend taking this class for the first time while you are pregnant. If you are currently taking Nofar Method Pilates regularly and have consent from your doctor, we would love to see you. Your Doctor should clear any post-pregnancy activity. Remember to be kind to your body and take your time getting back into a workout routine.

Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. Please visit the Nofar Method class schedule for updates.

If a class is full, we highly recommend putting yourself on the waitlist. To do so you must purchase a class or package. If you do not get a spot in the class the class credit will be returned to your account. If a spot opens you will be added to the class and receive an email confirmation. If you are added to the class and do not remove yourself in time you will lose the class credit.

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