Paulina Porizkova

Super model, actress and author

“For vanity as well as sanity. One of my favorite classes, besides dancing, is the @nofarmethod Pilates. Invented by the lovely Nofar, it relies heavily on balance while you work. That’s great for your whole body, plus I love the challenge of it. I’m so intent on not falling over-I forget I’m also exercising”.

Calyn Brooke

Fitness & Health

"HOLY CRAP, I’m def gonna feel this tomorrow! I’ve been seeing @norfarmethod all over the ‘gram so you know I had to check it out for myself to give you my scoop. And my goodness, the hype is REAL. The class is half cadillac, half reformer. Not only did we do moves in class that I’ve never done before, but I felt it in places I didn’t know existed. There are short bits of cardio incorporated into the class as well, to get your heart rate up. Plus, Nofar gives that tough love which you KNOW i’m all about. At the end of the class she even came over to each student to personally stretch us—it felt amazing and my back really needed it! There are definitely times when I’ve taken a pilates class and wish it were more challenging—this was NOT the case. I have a feeling I’m gonna be back here frequently."

Lauren Ashley Neinstein

Creator: Legs By Lauren

“Finally!!! Thank you @nofarmethod for creating a class that is #legsbylauren approved!!! I truly enjoy every second of this class and love the way I feel after. Hurts so good in all the right places. Not completely exhausted. More like super uplifted!!! Long & Lean!! My face says it all...”

Jill Harris - Pilates Guru

Creator Fit Springs & Owner Informed Body

“Nofar is a teacher’s teacher who I have so much respect for. Her directions are super clear, and her method gets the results out of you by pushing you in a safe and effective manner. She is one of the only instructors in the industry I will train with repeatedly and who I recommend to anyone who wants a phenomenal workout”.

Sweats & The City

Elizabeth & Dale

"We took the @norfarmethod yesterday AM and our bodies are seriously feeling the feels right now. Here’s the scoop… Nofar is an all-star advanced pilates instructor who currently reaches classes out of Pilates Habitat. Essentially, her classes were so popular and quick to fill that she started renting her own space within the studio to teach her method. Not only is she tough as nails, but her personality makes this class one you’re not going to want to skip (she has us howling!) Nofar’s class is broken into half reformer, half cadillac. Expect to do a lot of different and likely new moves (with a big variety of props) throughout… this is not a class recommended for newbies! Don’t fret though, she will have people demonstrate how each move is done and you’ll never feel confused or like you’re losing out on any part of your workout. Trust us when we say that you will feel. every. single. move. —and there will be lots of deep exhales at the end of the sets (which we were very much taking part in). She also incorporates much needed stretching throughout and we love her for it."