About Our Team

Each expert instructor is trained individually by Nofar to master her methodology. All our instructors have knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and can help to modify exercises for pre and post-natal adjustments, injuries, or other limitations. Each instructor aims to make sure every class is inspiring, stimulating, and fun while being effective at giving you the shape and performance you want. Our goal is to give every client the personal attention needed to help you achieve your goals. Each instructor will encourage and challenge you to push yourself while remaining loving and supportive. We treat everyone just as we wish to be treated by providing excellent customer service in a welcoming, friendly, and professional environment.

Nofar Hagag

Nofar credits her five years in the Israeli army with giving her the strength and discipline she brings to each and every one of her classes, while a background in water polo gives her the competitive drive to make each and every one of her students go beyond what they thought they could do. She turned to Pilates as a way to accommodate past injuries while still showing results. Nofar strives to be fearless in everything she does and brings that feeling to her clients as they see their bodies change through the workouts. Nofar is a big fan of a full body workout in every class, so that every part of your body will look organized, and you will develop a strong and beautiful body.

Chris Taruc

Chris took his first Pilates class in 2014 and has been hooked ever since. He studied under Nofar for five years before feeling worthy of sharing all that he has gained from Nofar’s teachings. His background in hospitality and dance means his classes are warm and friendly, but also challenge students to push themselves to become the best they can possibly be. Chris loves to focus on the core, and the Reformer is his favorite go-to equipment to get a killer core burn!

Javier Dzul

Javier Dzul is a professional dancer and acrobat. He uses his knowledge of dance and circus arts to transform the bodies and abilities of his clients to levels they never thought they could reach by increasing their strength and flexibility. Javier loves using the Pilates machines to combine contortion, aerial movement, flexibility and acrobatics. He enjoys the creativity and athletic approach of the Nofar Method classes where he can uses his 30 years of experience to help clients reach their highest potential. His classes incorporate strength & condition exercises on the reformer and challenge the body in multiple planes of motion and flexibility on the Cadillac.

Naheed Hadjisoffi

Naheed came to Pilates as a way to work through some injuries she had sustained and found it effective, but without much challenge. Then she found the Nofar Method and over the past five years she has never looked back. She enjoys the way the classes use body weight and accessories to create challenging workouts both on and off the machines. Naheed absolutely loves core work; preferably side planks using the box and trapeze and side crunches with the Reformer. She’s also a fan of working the obliques and inner thighs when teaching a class. 

Erin Steel

Erin grew up playing competitive sports including four years of Division 1 lacrosse in college before discovering the calming and calculated movement that she craved in Pilates. She found that the Nofar Method gave her the long, lean results she wanted, while being mentally challenging. She has been with Nofar Method for four years and her focus is on giving her clients beautiful, long, lean legs with a lot of inner thigh, outer thigh, and hamstring workouts. She loves running with the Fuzzies on the Cadillac machine, followed by deep stretching with the Fuzzies.

Emma Barnett

Emma took Pilates for years before discovering the Nofar Method and when she did she was hooked! Emma is a fan of the full body workout, but if she had to pick one muscle to work it would be a tie between abs or glutes. She loves the double boxes workouts with Nofar Method and makes sure her classes stay motivated with a great mix of music. A corporate attorney by day, Emma thanks Nofar Method for bringing her body to where she wanted it to be. 

Ryan Pitcavage

Ryan has always had a passion for fitness and has tried most, if not all, of New York’s specialty gyms and workouts, but nothing ever really stuck. Then his fiancé introduced him to Nofar Method which, according to Ryan, “transforms your body into a piece of art”. His classes are full-body workouts, but he likes to focus on arms and core the most. “Gotta kill that core!” is a motto he lives by. 

Sam Gelon

Sam was in graduate school for Occupational Therapy at NYU when she discovered Nofar Method and says she was hooked after the very first class. For over three years she took the classes as often as possible, sometimes twice a day! She says Nofar Method has changed her body, helping to strengthen muscles and even reduce pain from a knee injury. Sam loves to work her clients’ inner thighs as well as incorporating upper body moves for strong, sexy arms. 

Alex Loshin

Alex was introduced to both Pilates and Nofar Method through a back injury brought on by high-impact training. Now fully healed, she loves the lower belly burn and leg shake that Nofar Method provides like nothing else! Alex loves working the glutes and lower core in class, and her favorite equipment to use is the Cadillac with trapeze and leg weights. 

Maddie Deoul

Maddie grew up playing lacrosse and field hockey and always craving a good sweat. After dealing with knee injuries and looking for something more low-impact while still providing a great sweat and results, she discovered Pilates and Nofar Method. During the day Maddie works on the creative team at Tory Burch. She loves starting and ending her days at the office with a full body, toning workout that focuses on every body part, her favorite being obliques and glutes on the Cadillac. She wants every client to leave sweating, shaking, and excited to be back the next day.