Why Nofar?

The Nofar Difference

Most Pilates is taught in a manner consistent with its original creator Joseph Pilates. Nofar Method was born out of Nofar’s search for an effective workout that could accommodate past injuries with amazing results. 

“I have always seen Pilates equipment as magical pieces of movement, yet the workouts never seemed to satisfy me the way I wanted. Therefore, I combined my athletic knowledge and training with the Pilates equipment to form what today I call my passion: Nofar Method. When I teach a class I create it with my clients in mind. The equipment is my canvas and my clients are the paint. Without either I would not have Nofar Method today. Every class I teach I create based on my clients’ energies rather than having a written plan.”


Nofar Method is a challenging, athletic, and creative exercise system using Pilates equipment where you receive personal attention—whether you are doing in-person training or training via video. You will be challenged to push yourself within your abilities to achieve your best possible self. 


Pilates machines were invented by Joseph Pilates to enable dancers to build strength and muscle tone while enhancing balance and mobility. His goal was to bring the body into harmony.

Our goal is to use these classic machines to organize your body. Unlike other classes, all of our studio classes consist of 25 minutes on the Cadillac and 25 minutes on the Reformer with a lot of toys and props throughout; it is truly an amusement park for the body!


Why Cadillacs?

The Cadillac is used to isolate muscles through the movements performed on it. Whether sitting, standing, kneeling, lying, or even upside down, the springs, bars, mat, and trapeze of the Cadillac provide the most diverse Pilates experience. It can challenge the body in multiple planes of motion with one apparatus. The gains in spinal and hip mobility and strength, and the upper and lower body strength, are tremendous.

Why Reformers?

The Reformer is an incredibly effective machine that works your body in a uniquely intense way. The Reformer provides a great, full-body workout. Using your arms and legs you will push and pull against spring resistance on a moving carriage.

Why Salt?

Salt is as essential for health and wellness as your workout. Being surrounded by and inhaling the natural ionized air, infused with Himalayan salt crystals, has the power to purify and rejuvenate your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

The results

Nofar Method will transform and organize your body with results-driven, challenging, efficient, effective, and fun workout classes on the Pilates equipment. Nofar Method exercises develop a strong core, and allow you to gain long, lean muscles and flexibility. They create an evenly conditioned body, improve sports performance, and prevent injuries. Nofar Method classes will keep you inspired, engaged, and amazed at how strong you are! You will experience cardio, alignment, exquisite feeling, and of course “burn” in one workout. Nofar Method will keep you engaged in a way that makes you always want to come back and supports you in reaching your fitness goals. Nofar Method advanced full body workouts will take your performance to the next level.